Faas Marathi Movie Vegamovies 2022

Faas Marathi Movie Vegamovies Review 2022, it will release in OTT in Marathi soon in 480p, 720p, 1080p HD Quality.

Faas Marathi Movie Vegamovies 2022

Faas is a Marathi Feature Film starring Kamlesh Seeant, Sayaji Shinde, Upendra Limaye, Ganesh Chandanshive & more. Avinash Kolte directed the movie and Maheshwari Chakurkar, Maa Films produced it.

Name Faas
Quality 480p, 720p, 1080p HDRip
Vegamovies APK Size 10MB
Subtitle English
Format MKV

Faas Marathi Movie Vegamovies Review 2022

Poor crops over the years have left farmer Baliram (Kamlesh Swarant) frustrated. Baliram hangs himself, unable to support his family which includes wife Laxmi Palkar (Pallavi Palkar), son Vishnu(master Sarthak Patil), and daughter Soni [baby Vallavi Deshpande]. Ghorpade, a police inspector (Upendra Limaye), arrives to investigate the suicide.

The village doctor, Dr. Patil (Sayaji Shinde), has been busy celebrating his son’s birthday and is pleading inability to perform the post-mortem. Ghorpade and his village take the body to the hospital after waiting several hours. This is not a good idea for Dr. Patil, who sees it as an excuse to teach Ghorpade something. What happens next?

Although Maheshwari Patel Chakurkar’s story is quite nice, it’s a tale about a suicide farmer and lacks novelty. Avinash Kolte’s screenplay contains some touching moments, such as the scene where farmer Baliram compares farmers to police officers. The screenplay isn’t always effective. The dialogues of Maheshwari Patil Chakurkar are fairly fair.

Upendra Limaye is a competent police inspector Ghorpade. Kamlesh Sawant does a good job as farmer Baliram. Pallavi Palkar gives a great performance as Laxmi, Baliram’s wife. Sayaji Shinde lends good support as Dr. Patil. Ganesh Chandanshive (as Baliram’s friend, Namdev), Pawan Vaidya, master Sarthak Patil, (as Baliram’s son, Vishnu), master Sarthak Pail (as Baliram’s son, Vishnu), and baby Vallavi Deshpande, (as Baliram’s daughter, Soni), provide sufficient support.

Avinash Kolte’s music direction is acceptable. Allen K.P.’s music sounds a bit bland, but the Shiv Jayanti song is very good. Amol Deshmukh is a good writer. Background music is fairly routine. Ramani Ranjan Das’ photography is good. Santosh Samudre’s artistic direction is excellent. Editing (by Ashish Motiwale and Apoorva Mtiwale), is clean.


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